The Excalibur 26, is a fixed keel sailboat, designed by William Crealock in the 1960’s, as the boom in fiberglass boats was taking off. Crealock, a Scottish-born gentleman, was one of the world’s most respected offshore yacht designers, as well as established author and lecturer. His designs spanned decades from the 1960s, until the late 1990s. The Excalibur 26 was one of his first works.

Originally crafted by Excalibur Marine, there were approximately 25 or so built, before the reins were handed over to Wayfarer, which would in turn become Islander Yachts through a bankruptcy process in 1965. It’s thought another 200 or so were built throughout the years owned by Wayfarer/Islander, until the molds were bought by Iona, which produced some until about 1977. The number of Iona hulls produced are unknown, though HIN# TKW03021175 (which would show as hull # 302) was listed online for sale in August 2013. (Update: That Iona has been discovered and purchased by Gary Taggart).

The interior layouts also changed through the years, with varying dinette sizes, as well as just two berths instead of a dinette on the starboard side, in some models.

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